Who would you like to thank?

20784960_sWhile I’m not a movie goer, I always enjoy watching the Oscars with my daughter.  When Patricia Arquette championed equal pay and equal rights for women during her acceptance speech, I was cheering right along with Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez.

Though I would say, the most deeply moving acceptance speech came from Common and John Legend who jointly brought to light the racial issues that still burden our nation. During his demand for equality, John Legend stated that currently more black males are incarcerated then black men under slavery in 1850.  I was impressed with their decision to use their moment of glory to stand up for justice. They took the world stage and leveraged their careers and credibility to move people to action.

As I listened to the many acceptance speeches of the evening, what really struck me was the focus on teamwork. From actors to costume designers, the winners thanked their managers, staff, assistants, and families.  As I listened, I thought about my clients.  So often, many of them feel like they have to roll up their sleeves and go it alone.  If the Oscars are any indication, you need to have a strong team to make it to the top.

In what areas do you need support?

An assistant

Anyone who has a career that produces a product or service will need an assistant at some point.  If your focus is to  interact with clients, you need someone who can help you with the details.  Be it travel, scheduling, short edits or client support, someone else needs to be able to get you where you need to go.

A word of advice – you need a good assistant, not just help. Often, we hire assistants that need more of our help and instruction than our clients. If you wouldn’t get up on stage and thank him or her in your acceptance speech, they aren’t good enough.


As your business grows, you will also need someone to do the auxiliary work for you.  Whether it’s running the analysis, drafting a document, or managing others on your team, you need a colleague with autonomy and drive that gets the essential work done.

I need an editor, an accountant, and soon, I will need an online manager to help me run my business.  I rely on the expertise of these professionals.

Family & Friends

I have advocates that are always rooting for me.  My husband and my mom are my number one supporters.  I also have a coach and other entrepreneurs that keep me accountable and give me invaluable advice and perspective.

While you may not need all of this type of support right now, you do need to recognize that your success will be limited if you don’t start incorporating support into your career.

Not sure where to start?  Simply connect with me at support@foodonourtable.com.  Together we can build a plan that gets you team that works for you.


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